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  • Conversations with God Guidebook, Book 1

           by Nancy Lee Ways

          by Anne- Marie Barbier ( NOW in French! )

  • Conversations with God Guidebook, Book 3

           by Alissa Goefron

          by Maggie Reigh & Christina Erl Daniels

  • Tomorrow's God Guidebook

          by Christina N. Semple, PhD

  • New Revelations Guidebook

          by Patricia F Glenn, EdS

          by Dr. Kristin L. Stewart, PhD

  • Friendship with God Guidebook

          by Donna Corso

  • Home with God Guidebook

          by Kimberly Darwin

          by Jeanne Webster, CPC & Emily Welch

 "ABOUT THE AUTHORS" of the Happier Than God Companion Guidebook

By Linda Lee Ratto, Ed.M. & Alex Obed, M.A.

          My desire in writing this guide is to help the individual reader or study group work with the Happier than God material to make life happier and more satisfying. This work has done that for me and I relish any opportunity for you to empower you in creating lifelong happiness. I have stayed true to the content of the text’s material and simply extended Neale’s messages into multi-sensory techniques for lifelong happiness practice. This is my way of giving back what the Conversation with God books have inspired and empowered within me. 


          It was an honor to co-author this guidebook with Linda Ratto – and it has certainly been a journey! When I began this adventure, I would say that I was anything but Happier than God. I had read almost everything on the market, having convinced myself that more knowledge would “set me free” – but I had yet to get to the promised land, the kind of life I knew deep down was calling to me. What struck me about Neale’s book was that it went beyond knowledge to the very source of our experience – a new conception of who-we-really-are. My greatest discovery has been that happiness is not something that is achieved; it is something we already are. In other words, you don’t need anything else to be happy; you can choose to be happy right now! If a part of you winced when you read that – great! If someone had said that to me six months ago, I would have created 10 reasons why it wasn’t true. So don’t take my word for it – try it yourself! Use this book and its activities. Make them your own. Take Action. Find a supportive network of friends or new acquaintances with whom to take the journey. You can co-create the kind of life you’ve always dreamed possible. There is no-thing standing in your way. Actually, the truth is quite the opposite: everything in the entire Universe is just waiting to help you. Are you ready to begin?                          




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