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Linda has traveled extensively speaking in venues such as corporations, unversities, governments, medical centers, NGOs, nonprofits. She welcomes your contacting her for your specific leadership needs.  Linda especially customizes learning experiences for professionals of any age, as well as, youth, their parents and grands. Typically, a speaking engagement is centered upon interactive learning and ending with a booksigning with Linda's books pertinent to your particular audience interests.

Foci for Leader Playshops, Workshops & Retreats:  "Honoring the Voice of any age Leader"

  • Listening & Co-developing customized, interactive events that build learning for life

  • Coaching & Working side-by-side with Leaders establishing schools, organizations, especially 501(c)3's, government level departments & planning raining for sustainable, evolutional learning

  • Youth Focus: Treating the child as a whole person; listening and hearing needs, then partnering to develop an inspiring youth experience that can include parents/grand/teachers

  • Setting Goals & Attaining Them Together with Your Team Groups

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NEW !     
Linda's French and Spanish Book Launch !
with Bi-Lingual Translation Partners
Anne-Marie Barbier + Sandy Gilbes Rosa 

Spanish Edition Coming Soon ...
         Click Here to Pre-Order
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