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Linda's Books

           Photographer for Linda's book:

        We Catch Them Falling

Ian Robert Mari,



      President George W. Bush, Sen. Max Cleland

      National Guard Youth Foundation Board Members


From We Catch Them Falling, the only                                           National Guard Youth Challenge Academy (YCA) book...


          "Because of my skipping, I decided that hacking the school's  computers and getting tests ahead of time would keep me up  on  schoolwork. Well...I got suspended for a whole month because of  the hacking. After that we moved...

          ...then just before Christmas, my girlfriend Amanada, well she  stopped calling me. I called and called and called and asked my  mother for help and everything. No word from Amanda or her  family.

          She was murdered in a robbery."


YCA: Youth ChalleNGe Academy Program

is the National Guard's Community Outreach

to young adults in trouble.

  • High School for Drop-Outs

  • GED Program

  • Career Training

  • College Opportunties

  • Military Career & Higher Training Options

Book's proceeds are donated

to the National Guard Youth Foundation to build more Youth Challenge Academies in all 50 states !

Re-released - refreshed and LIVE for sale !


Through story, Linda shares her common experiences with those living with challenges.  WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE is a children's early chapterbook (ages 7 and up) about an Amish girl in the 1800's, who learns, grows and invents things through having a disability.


Based on Linda's family experiences...yet set in 1800's Amish country - rich in historic culture. Where Dreams Come True Audiobook available unabridged, read by the author, too.





                         Translated in Azeri and required reading in 4,000                                  schools in the Middle East.  See LLR's Tours 



PERFECTION...    A must-read novel for adults, young adults & the young-at-heart


On PERFECTION'S Bookcover...

          "Brad is a self-confident academically talented champion swimmer with a major flaw. He's lost control of his emotions gain, just like last spring when his little brother died. He has to get back to the old Brad, which he thinks he can do by stuffing his emotions deep down and setting his sites on a swim scholar-ship.


          Big deal that he can't stand the sight of Tiffany, the new girl. He's shocked, half believing he actually was attracted to her--a girl with one hand. He just won't see her, he decides. He clams-up and goes swimming. That'll bring the old self back.

Then he spots her at his summer swim team practice. Crap..."

#200,000 sold across the globe !


"Dreams" Workplay book, too!



(dis)ABILITY,  is a Two-Book Volume that includes both COPING books' collections of young people’s stories about living and working well with and through disability. Includes color section of Paralympic athlete competition photos by international photo-artist Ian Robert Mari.  


FYI: The two volumes included in this one paperback book were on the NY Public Library's Best Books List for three years running!


See all of Linda's books accompanied by Photo-artist Ian Robert Mari's photgraphs on Good Reads.

Linda's latest Novel...Faced with a life-threatening and family-altering diagnosis, Leigh and her husband Ben comb the globe, researching all traditional and complimentary ways back to health. She is a young mother of tree and simply cannot die. In her heightened awareness to getting well again, Leigh opens herself to new, key people who offer profound learnings and ultimately her cure. This short, powerful novel weaves questioning cherished beliefs with new, intriguing and sometimes mysterious ways of addressing an everyday concern how do we maintain throughout life s challenges optimal health of our bodies, minds and spirits? Is it belief in an afterlife that brings joy and hope to our days? Is reprogramming our minds to positive, supportive thoughts the secret back to balanced health? The novel s characters tell their stories and how they ve realized what they can do for themselves to maintain healthy vitality and vigor. Read on, assess their ways of living well and see for yourself.




From the What Love

"I am Love"  Easy Exercise to try right now ...      


This is one of the simplest yet most powerful exercises to fully comprehend that we are Love, Being (that is, Love-in-Action) and that it is perfectly okay to have total love and respect for self without ego or vanity. For, when we love self, we have a wealth of love to give to others. It seems that this is an exercise that many people find hard to do, however, once in the flow of caring, nurturing and loving of self this new way-of-living comes naturally and is most rewarding. 

          a) Look into a mirror: focus and fix your attention on / into       your eyes.

          b) Holding the gaze: raise each hand one by one

          c) Keeping full focus in/ on your eyes, kiss the back of each hand.

           d) Say, "I love you. I respect you. I am perfect.  I am a child of God/Universe. There is nothing wrong with me. I am having earthly life experiences from my free will choices to fully know who I am today in the NOW of my soul journey. "


WHAT LOVE IS…  by what it is not      is a 21st century novel about family, illness, wellness, and the loving, caring road to being healthy long-term. Consider the body + mind + heart of your own health  as the pages turn on this inspiring, and often times, out-of-the-box ways to open your heart.  Read on, let your mind go, consider other ways to think about caring for yourself and your loved ones.  

              Linda and her husband of over thirty years have lived in Fayette County, Georgia for over twenty years.  Their three adult children are GA Tech and UGA grads.  Linda served on the very first Fayette, Georgia, a metro Atlanta county, Flat Rock Middle teaching staff and also as a principal of a private middle school in Decatur, Georgia, Atlanta Metro area.


Two other books co-authored by Linda & David L. Cunningham :


 SHIFT YOUR LIFE !     +                                                               HOLY HOSTAGE




Dr. Robin L. Wood's THE GREAT SHIFT book now has this companion guidebook, LIFESHIFT 2020.


          Linda Lee Ratto, EdM is Dr. Wood's co-author of this guidebook that is a call to action for leaders in all walks of business -- all walks of life. LIFESHIFT 2020 is a personal planner, workbook and "playbook" on how to evolve oneself to next higher levels of living, business collaborations, and global solutions-making.

          The current world challenges that face us span all Major Disciplines as listed in LIFESHIFT citing the 'Conscious Evolution' work written and lead by Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard. Her Foundation for Conscious Evolution website,, offers further detail of Dr. Hubbard's co-creation wheel for leaders who wish to develop across countries and continents.

          The LIFESHIFT 2020 workbook poses questions asking leaders, teachers and anyone in their respective fields: Worldview - Systems Change, Spirituality, Science, Relationship, Media, Justice, Health, Government, Environment, Education, Business, and the Arts, what will you do now to create a human family that is healthier, happier in new sustainable processes and systems on our beautiful Earth - a planet that is far more honoured and nurtured as well? Dr Robin Wood and Linda Lee Ratto, EdM bring this critically timed global 'call to action' into practical, daily application in their co-authored book, LIFESHIFT 2020. For further collaborations please contact:


LindaLeeRatto@gmail       or hop onto



                      Linda with Co-author Robin Wood  

& his amazingly talented wife Elena

at their beloved Apollinaire

Events Institute / Renaissance2 Center /

Retreat Extraordinaire in 

                                                                                                        Perpignan, Southern France,

                                                                                       the capital of the Pyrénées Orientales

Linda with Co-author

Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood, PhD




An Excerpt...


          "...No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your current path is - whether you seek to transform your life completely or simply make adjustments that will add a layer of richness and depth to your life - exploring the many ways that transformation is stimulated and sustained can hold great power. Weaving together cutting-edge science with wisdom from teachers of the world's transformative traditions this book explores how people experience deep shifts in their consciousness, and how those shifts can lead to healing and wholeness.


Research over the last decade at the Institute of Noetic Sciences has explored in depth the phenomenon by which people make significant shifts in the way they experience and view the world. Focusing in particular on positive transformations in consciousness, or those that result in improved health, well-being, and sense of meaning, purpose,and belonging, hundreds of people's stories of their own transformations were included in the research, as well as in-depth interviews with over 50 teachers and masters of the world's spiritual, religious, and transformative traditions."






Woman  -  OWNED BUSINESS                                                                                        by Dawn Dallaire Booker & Linda


        "The Trials and Triumphs of a Woman in Business..."


          A Small Business Owner's Manual.


          Clearly Fun Soap owner Dawn Dallaire tells all... ...for anyone starting and operating a new business or improving on one, this book will entertain and inspire.


          Indiana fragrance mogul Larry Brown says,"A realistic guide for anyone in business. This book is filled with practical business advice. Dawn has a talent for listening, learning and sharing with others."


          2008 ~ Georgia BUSINESS WOMAN of the Year ~ 2008

Linda served as Director of SNS, Inc.


  • Founder, SNS Press

  • Producer, eleven guidebooks, companions to

       Neale Donald Walsch's global best selling book series

       Conversations with God 

  • Director, 11 Book Curriculum co-written by 14 Authors

  • Linda, Co-Author, one guidebook...


Neale Donald Walsch says... "Life was meant to be happy. Do you believe that? It's true. I know it doesn't seem like it when you look around, but it's true.Life was meant to be happy. YOU were meant to be happy. And if you ARE happy, you are meant to be happier. Even if you're VERY happy, you can be even happier. How happy? Just HOW happy can you be? can be HAPPIER THAN GOD !" This approved by Neale Guidebook is a step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter how-to companionbook to Neale Donald Walsch's 11th Conversations with God text, HAPPIER THAN GOD. Have a look, see how you might feel happier than you have felt in YEARS...


About the Celebrations of Life Guidebook Series...


Neale Donald Walsch's introduction to Conversations with God (CWG), Book 1, the first book of the CWG trilogy, Mr. Walsch was told that Book 2 "would deal with more global topics of geopolitical and metaphysical life on the planet, and the challenges now facing the world." And yet there is even more in this Book 2 - more about God, about life and death, relationships, good and evil, money, education, and spirituality. What is proposed here is nothing less than a paradigm shift to change the political and spiritual constructs that human beings have manifested on this planet: "Now is the time to reclaim yourself. Now is the time to see yourself again as Who You Really Are, and thus, render yourself visible again. For when you, and your true relationship with God, become visible, then We are indivisible. And nothing will ever divide Us again." ~ Neale Donald Walsch on the back cover of Conversations with God Book 2 - and this Guidebook for adults, endorsed by Mr. Walsch and the global team of education leaders of the new spirituality comprising the School of the New Spirituality learning communities across the planet.    Three Guidebooks are also in French.




Linda served with NYTimes Best Selling Author, Neale Donald Walsch, for over a decade. Together they wrote curriculum, opened schools, learning centers and taught courses across five continents.

    WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE                              Review...

It’s true !

It’s True that dreams come true ! And I, with the assistance of a marvelous guide, Linda Lee Ratto, have just shared the experience by reading her book of almost the same title! Where Dreams Come True is not simply a story that, at times, brings a lump to one’s throat or a tear to the eye. It is also a most pleasant inundation of the senses. The aromas, tastes, sounds and touches in addition to the sights are at the same time enchanting and realistic. The book is not only a good read about growth within a loving family, but also an experience that allows you to truly appreciate what some folks call the simple things. In fact, it might be said that it teaches one how to live more fully. This is accomplished by Linda’s taking your hand and mind for a stroll through Life with a family that will live on in your heart. It will undoubtedly affect your attitude and relationship with others. A wonderful book for all ages.


Marc Frederic, Author Timbo’s Tale

June 19, 2011

David Cunningham and I have known one another for a dozen years. We definitely, without any woo-woo or strangely weird notions, know full well that we have always been soul-mates. And whether you believe in this yourself or not, he and I have lived many lives involved with one another. We are in a soul-family together. Our current life mission, combined, is wellness teaching and holding-hands with others to nurture and heal ills, and to teach how to live and love well through and with anything. We teach and write about how to attain the highest levels of wellness toward every person s full potential for making our dreams-come-true. We have shared in this lifetime our homes and our deepest friendship to bring forth to you three books sharing our tips, techniques and processes that work for us. This novel is based on our actual life experiences with colleagues and friends intertwined with our own personal understandings. We welcome your skepticism, for it makes for the highest good of all if we live life inquisitively. We ve had enough centuries of blind faith in humanity s establishments such as our various cultures, religions, governments, and regimes of many kinds. We say, it is time to awaken and have conscious-faith, rather than blindly keeping the world s negativity growing. Our cultures, our world does not always have to be the way they have been. We can choose only what works of us. Individually and together what then can we do to create anew for the sake of humanity and our planet? We ask that we start with more Love. Choose Love at any moment and see what can happen. We welcome you to our websites. And if you are so moved, read our two other books: Shift Your Life and Holy Hostage, perhaps journal and send us emails. Perhaps call upon us to assist you when you wish, when you need.

Leading Global Leadership...

From the Desks of Dr. Robin L.Wood /Linda Lee Ratto, EdM…


Worldwide/USA/UK Press Release for two book set:

The Great Shift + 

          Lifeshift 2020 Guidebook

The Great Shift- Catalyzing the Second Renaissance 09/09/2009 Join us now and be your own shift at "As a lifelong champion of conscious evolution I see The Great Shift as a seminal contribution toward our ability to evolve consciously. The shift of evolution itself from unconscious to conscious choice is to me the signal of the evolution of the species of Homo sapiens sapiens. As Sri Aurobindo put it: "Man is a transitional species." Transitional toward what is a key question. Reading "The Great Shift" helps us see that we are in transition to a co-creative, planetary, universal species, the fulfilment of the aspiration of the ages, the hearts’ desire of countless millions. We gain "evolutionary eyes"and can see ourselves from the "Overview Perspective" as a species emerging toward its birth as a universal humanity. We can place our own yearning for greater meaning, more creative life, deeper giving of our best into this framework and accept Robin Wood as one of our beloved planetary teachers, guides and friends in this fabulous journey into the unknown."         


For the rest of Barbara's Forward click:

~ The Great Shift Foreword by

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author. Transformational Leader & Futurist ~



   Linda worked in concert with Cassandra Vieten, CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences - IONS ,Petaluma, California. The IONS Founder is USA Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell.



  See author.

Linda Lee Ratto,  Acknowledgement pages xv-xvi

Below, Linda is with Co-Author Anne-Marie Barbier, a Yoga Master/Certified Chopra Instructor. Linda and Anne-Marie served together on Neale Donald Walsch's Board of Directors for many years. They have co-author books and translated many works into English-French / French English. Please see the EVENTS page.

Linda with Happier than God Guidebook Co-Author, Alex Obed in Atlanta, where they wrote their book.

Co-Authors Linda and Anne-Marie Barbier with Linda's husband David



This book contains:

- Program Overview                          

- Academics                                 

- Counseling  24/7                              

- Physical Fitness                        

- Endurance                                

- Career Training                       

- Student Successes                    

- Teacher Stories/                 


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