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Non-Profit Whole-Person Education Work

with NEALE DONALD WALSCH, author of the CWG material



Linda co-directed and was CEO of the 501(c)3 HeartLight International / HeartLight Education / SNS, Inc. She and led teams opening learning centers, after hours programs, retreats, and Saturday Schools across America (main centers in Chicago, Toledo, Ashland, and Atlanta), South Africa, Europe,Canada and Australia. Ages 3 to high school, and their adult teachers/parents/grand, Linda was strategic in leading the CWG material into the hands of families and their support teams in education, medicine, rehab, and wellness of the whole child.


Linda managed & co-authored the hands-on, highly practical CWG Guidebook Series. Linda co-developed this series of companion books to Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God (CWG) books with a 14-member author team from 2006-2009.  Linda wrote the HtG Guidebook to Neale's book, Happier than God, a lifeskills, body-mind-spirit companion guide to an empowering way to live life happier! 

See:      Happier than God Guidebook     and the    HtG Table of Contents




Palm Springs Youth Retreat, August 2007, held concurrently with adult the Institute of Noetic Sciences Conference with SNS Atlanta Team

2004 Victoria, British Columbia Youth Retreat

concurrent with Neale's Adult Retreat. Teachers from across Canada & USA came together to allow entire families to bring home the CWg material in personally meaningful and profoundly life-changing ways. The SNS 11 book Curriculum was based on Neale's best-selling books and real-world trainings such as Linda's retreats with Neale and the SNS, Inc teams.

There are 11 CWG Guidebooks, three of the Guidebooks were translated into French

August 2007 @ Southern Orgeon University Adult and Youth Courses, Director, Linda Lee Ratto, with Musician Jimmy Twyman and NYTimes Best-Selling Author Neale Donald Walsch, translating the heart-and-spirit honoring books by Neale into life-style education for ages 3 to 103+  !  Neale has also written books for children and young adults.

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