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WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE                 ...A Review...

Central California


It’s true !

It’s True that dreams come true ! And I, with the assistance of a marvelous guide, Linda Lee Ratto, have just shared the experience by reading her book of almost the same title! Where Dreams Come True is not simply a story that, at times, brings a lump to one’s throat or a tear to the eye. It is also a most pleasant inundation of the senses. The aromas, tastes, sounds and touches in addition to the sights are at the same time enchanting and realistic. The book is not only a good read about growth within a loving family, but also an experience that allows you to truly appreciate what some folks call the simple things. In fact, it might be said that it teaches one how to live more fully. This is accomplished by Linda’s taking your hand and mind for a stroll through Life with a family that will live on in your heart. It will undoubtedly affect your attitude and relationship with others. A wonderful book for all ages.


Marc Frederic, Author Timbo’s Tale

June 19, 2011

October 2011     Arezzo, Italy


"I'm Simona from Linda and Iwona’s Italian=English Book Club in Arezzo, Italy. Thank you very much for having been with us by webcam on the 30th September! You've been kind and willing to give us answers. We really appreciated it!  :-)  Herein is my book review I promised to send you.

Have a nice day, goodbye."  Love, Simona


"I've been very happy to read this book. It’s such a tender and moving story, and its told by the author using a lovely, simple way of writing. As soon as I finished it, I suddenly found out a tear had fallen from my eyes. Although, it was not easy to read it at first, because I thought it was a book that could be better for young readers than for me. But the deeper I was going into the story of Sarah, the more I was getting involved in her emotions.


As any other child, she is in touch with the simple things of daily life: colours, perfumes, the taste of the delicious things prepared by her mother and her grandmother with love and care. When she is at home, everything all around her is full of the magical atmosphere of love.  At the end of the book she finally manages to let this love go beyond the family walls, outside, so that at least everybody is able to see how much special she is. Everybody can finally see her for what she really is despite her disability.


I definitely loved her character. Sarah, by chance, is also the name of my baby! :-) Sarah succeeds not to loose her faith in dreams, by using her strength, and I'm absolutely convinced this is the power of children, a power very often adults loose while the time passes by, a power we undoubtedly should try to preserve."

A Gem of a Story !

writes PatriciaMerker                                                                                                                                             

Costa Rica


Review for the book: Where Dreams Come True                                                       

Thank you, Linda Ratto, for bringing young Sara into our lives and reminding us that what we have 

right here, right now, is a gift, and that which we can dream, we can achieve! 

This is a book that should be read by every man, woman and child, with or without disabilities, for more reasons than I can list here. I was profoundly touched by your ability to share the Amish lifestyle and the reverence they had for life, each other, and God - but it was a bigger God; one that is not bound by the confines of any particular religion, but rather, a God that encompasses all, that is the Spark that lives in each of us. Thank you, Linda for your gift of story, love and light. (Linda's children's book, reading level: 8-12 years + featured elementary/basic German !)

On-line Book review by Patricia Merker 
Author of The Grand Master/Little Master Series published by Pick-A-Woo Woo


 (dis) ABILITY !


This book is based on Linda's professional and family life experiences, this 2-volumes-in-one features Paralympic photo section.


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