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          Linda has opened non-profits, schools, learning centers/programs, and government departments across the world.  Feel free to contact her for a  Leadership course, keynote, or customized team learning experience...


Look at past Anne-Marie Workshops:

June and August 2018  

Workshops in France !

 Republic of Azerbaijan

From Russia & Iran Borders

along the Caspian Sea...

Baku, Lankaran, Mingecevir



Ministry of Education, Baku International School, libraries, orphanages, parent orgs


Linda's Leadership Sponsors:

  • World Vision


  • Coca-Cola


Linda's Leadership Tours in the Middle East

Above, Linda, husband David, USAbassador Reno Harnish, Lrs. Lesley Harnish of World Vision


Below, Linda with Azerbaijan's President Alyiveva's  wife and US ambassador Reno Harnish's wife, Leslie, of World Vision.

Middle East Leadership Tours - Lectures, Workshops, Booksignings
7 Laws of Success 
        in the
 Especially Planned with You
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Teams
  • Business Partners
  • Friends
  • Couples
Seven Universal Laws of Success
in the Workplace
Custom Team Training 
Date: Planned with YOU
     Masterclass ~ Workshop ~ Playshop
     Integration of Mind ~ Body ~ Heart
      Obtaining Healthy Balance @ Work
                      with Authors:

    Linda Lee Ratto

Anne-Marie Barbier


    David L. Cunningham


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Anne-Marie with Deepak Chopra, MD during one of her certification trainings.

Mille Petalles Institute Owner, Anne-Marie Barbier, in class, Toulon, France

Anne-Marie Barbier with

David Cunningham

Consider a "Destination Workshop" rather than the same old leader training...

Our week-long leadership experience is complete with ample time to drink-in new information, time to process that new information, play/tour -- with co-workers and partners. All meant to foster healthier, more balanced workplace life.  Added BONUSES:  luxuriate in retreat amenities with your teammates or on your own...

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Limited space, especially for   business team groups ...        

     Above, Linda and US Ambassador's spouse, Leslie Harnish, award the winners of  an English writing contest, Linda's books and teacher guides.  The winners, English-Azeri teacher, Linda and Mrs. Harnish were on Azerbaijani television to celebrate the winners and launch Linda's chapterstorybook, Where Dreams Come True, across the Republic of Azerbaijan. Some 4,000 schools have  full classroom sets of her book.  The translated version of Where Dreams Come True, is required reading for all elementary school studnt across this Middle Eastern country.


 A personally surprising impact during Linda's two teaching and leadership tours in Azerbaijan, is the need for her to define and explain what dreaming is -- something that post-communist trained teachers, principals and youth are not encouraged to do at all.  Linda relishes most opportunities to bring her work to schools across the globe.  Stay tuned...




Linda is a State Certified

"Trainer of Trainers"

Accredited Workshop Details May Be Customized...


Workshop Sample Overview:   

SuperSmarts™  ~  Keys to Unlocking Intelligences 



          In fulfilling the ADA Laws, naming and utilizing the Multiple Intelligences (MI's) plus Emotional Intelligence (EI) in school-age students, for the last 25 years, has proven to be a highly practical and effective way to boost learning, self-esteem and building skills in children throughout the world. Identifying children's strengths and their lesser strengths (disabilities), then matching these with others' intelligences boosts the learning levels and cooperation of all in the learning setting, both children and their adult leaders.  This course begins the process of understanding and using the MI+EI in the after school program and/or public/private school classroom. (See the 25 year classic educational material on Multiple Intelligences:, and Emotional Intelligence:


Workshop Specifics:

SuperSmarts™  ~  Keys to Unlocking Intelligences


by the

Georgia Early Care and Education Professional Development System - Registry & Training Approval

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education

                                                       1197 South Lumpkin Street, Suite 150 - Athens, GA 30602-3603


Trainer Name:       LINDA  LEE RATTO, EdM

Trainer Code:         TR-BFTS -  4538

Training Type:       Face-to-Face, Interactive Workshop format (Teleclasses + Online Available)


A. TITLE:                   SuperSmarts™  ~  Keys to Unlocking Intelligences


B. CLOCK HOURS:  2 hours


C. DESCRIPTION: Multiple Intelligences* and EMotional Intelligence** are used to lead participants into identifying their own, and their students' strengths and lesser strengths (disabilities) culminating in developing 1-2 lesson activity plans.     


* 25 year Lifework of Harvard Prof. Howard Gardner, PhD: "Multiple Intelligences (MI)"

** Lifework of Daniel Goleman, PhD: "Emotional Intelligence (EI)"


D. TARGET AUDIENCE LEVEL: Beginning Level training for:

1) after school caregivers

2) classroom teachers and

3) private or public school administrators


E. TRAINING FOCI:   Leaders, Teachers, and Administrators of School Age or Adults in:

  • Center/Classroom/After School Settings                   

  • Children ages 4-6           

  • Children ages 7-9  

  • Youth ages 10+

  • Special Needs 

  • College & Professional Adults


F. COMPETENCY GOAL, State of Georgia:

Beginning (Beg) Level Content, ECE 6 and SAC 6:  

To ensure a well-run, purposeful program responsive to each individual child's needs.


G. Price:            $195 per person; staff groups and teacher team group rates available; outside Metro Atlanta travel & lodging added; class size 10-20


H. Location:      Your school or learning program location


I. To Reserve:        Contact Linda to reserve a date ~

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