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Linda's Guidebook Core Steps...

17 Steps to Being Happier than God !

~ Quick, Simple, Life-Altering ~

The "applications for Life" Guidebook Series


Part 1 -I am 
Part 2 -You Are 
Part 3 -How to God, You and God + You together

1. Bring an end to 'separation theology' - "We are ONE."
2. Stay in touch with who you are - I Am, You Are
3. Give others every experience you seek
4. Be clear that nothing you see is real
5. Decide that you are not your ‘story'
6. Have only preferences
7. See the perfection
8. Bypass the drama
9. Understand sadness
10. Stop arguing with life
11. Drop all expectations
12. Have compassion for yourself
13. Speak your truth as soon as you know it
14. Watch the energies, catch the vibe
15. Smile
16. Sing
17. Know what to do when things are really bad

              Linda's Guidebook is the companion book to

Happier Than God by Neale Donald Walsch

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