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disABILITY  ! --- NOTE the spelling capitalizes on ABILITY...Linda's work is grounded in Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ classic stages of grief. Her creative and practical coping steps foster wellness for the entire family. Includes tried-and-true tips on self-development of the body, mind and heart for the person experiencing the disability, plus from family members’ points-of-view. Excellent resource for all ages, meant to be read aloud. Inspiring progressive steps provided to lead your own life and create your own dreams. Center Paralympics Photo Section. Available in color and B&W, paper or e-book formats. WINNER: New York Public Library /

NYPL’s Best Books, 1993, 1994, and 1995.

National Guard YCA Program BOOK

3rd Edition:






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Linda's award-winning Books 1 + 2  are in a refreshed Two-Volume paperback and e-books in color and B&W , featuring true-life Paralympic Photo Section and informative stories with the accent on:   ABILITY !

Middle East Leadership Tours
16 books + Curricula 
CEO - Organizational Director
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"Follow your Dreams...         
    ...They know where to go."


Now... French and
Spanish Editions!

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Novel with Work-Play Companion Book

plus the Audiobook read-by-Linda

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See Linda's Middle East Tours when she helped establish a Government Department of Inclusion

for children with disabilities with the US Embassy, World Vision, UNICEF, Coca-Cola

Azeri Publication of


Led by

USA Ambassador/Mrs. Reno Harnish and Iwona Sliwocka Pavesi --

Polish + Italian Translator for

WDCT by December 2024 !!

Also in Middle Eastern
Azeri Language

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